Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who is this Harmon Leon fellow and why does he irritate me so?

Harmon Leon. He writes blog entries for SFGate's "City Brights" series, which, as far as I can tell, is attempting to take "voices of The City" off their own blogs in a blatant attempt to generate hits, comments, and advertising and revenue dollars for Hearst Media. Hey Hearst, I know you're bleeding billions, you should take some advice from this Broke Ass! He can save you moneys!

HENNYways... Harmon Leon is one of these "voices" of The City, and from what I can tell, is a white dude with dreads who's into marijuana, body art, and Burning Man. ZOMG he's also appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly, The Howard Stern Show, and has written enticing pieces for intellectual properties like Maxim, Hustler, and Penthouse. He is living The American Dream, which oh look, he wrote! He also authored Republican Like Me, which I haven't read but in which Publisher's Weekly tears him a new one in their review, calling it "abominable", "cliched", "unfunny-spastic", and "asinine". Apparently, after "infiltrating" red America, Mr. Leon then tends to paint broad brush strokes caricaturing those heathens who *gasp* shop and WalMart and *gasp* kill themselves slowly eating at Applebee's because they are awful people who disagree with him.

This is all well and fine, except I have no clue who managed to switch out the soy milk for soy sauce in his latte this morning, since he's fervently spilling some haterade all over SFGate as of recent. In addition to his post hating bicyclists, (but not all bicyclists, you see, just bicyclists who are hipsters!), he has also managed to find the meanest bartenders in San Francisco who are clearly mean because they're tripped-out meth head losers, and just recently made fun of struggling independent businesses on Mid-Market catering to the lower blue-collar class.

Listen, I know it's super easy to find something ANYTHING that annoys you and write a column about it (look! I'm doing it now!) but like I mentioned and/or alluded to in my Muni Diaries post (WHAT? You want me to go back and reread what I actually WROTE?! GO MUNCH ON A ROCK, I HATE EFFORT!), it's hella easy to point a finger at anyone who's different from you and laugh at them than it is to you know, ACTUALLY ADDRESS AN ISSUE, but that really doesn't help anyone in the end other than serving your own ego.

So since I follow my own suggestions, I'm going to offer a solution rather than just whining about the problem. I think what Harmon Leon is doing is writing a blog not to enlighten his readers or to give them something to entertain, but to essentially serve his own ego and to get a quick buck. And I know we all like to serve our own egos and make tons and tons of money in our lives, but let's try not to do it by embarrassing, insulting, or castigating large swaths of people who happen to not occupy the same demographic slice of Harmon Leons in the world - i.e. who are not white, college-educated, tech-friendly, snark-based, cynical, faux-intellectual white dudes with dreadlocks.

You might be a decent dude with a sparkling personality, Mr. Leon, but this whole self-entitlement thing is totally unattractive. And so are dreadlocks on white dudes. Just sayin.