Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cute Overload - Herra Chinky Style.

Seriously. Also, can YOU pull off knee high socks and a tuxedo with SHORTS. I think not.

Seriously, though, this picture was taken when my uncle and aunt got married. Their daughter is now a sophomore in college, which means this picture was probably taken... 21 years ago? Which makes me 6 years old, and my sister 11 years old.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I eat food.

I think about food a lot. I wake up in the morning and am already thinking about lunch. While I eat lunch, I am thinking about dinner. And in an already food-obsessed city like San Francisco, I find it's quite easy to find someone who enjoys your tastes - both highbrow and lowbrow - and to be able to enjoy eating a long and satisfying meal, or even a quick sandwich lunch on a bench. Below are some of my favorite meals and the restaurants they're served at.

Spinach with Garlic & Bean Threads - San Tung Restaurant #2, Inner Sunset
It's almost the simpliest of all Chinese foods. Soak some bean threads in water, and saute with spinach and garlic. It's refreshing, it's light, it's bold and flavorful, and San Tung's version in particular reminds me exactly of how my mom and my grandma used to make this dish. It's rare that I like a dish consisting of mainly one sole vegetable, but this dish is the shit. Others love the dry fried chicken wings at San Tung, and I love the noodle and dumpling dishes there, but in my eyes, the Spinach with Garlic & Bean Threads stands out as one of the best executed dishes in their repertoire.

Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken - Limon Rotisserie, Inner Mission
In general, I love rotisserie chicken. My one pet peeve with meat is that I hate it when it's too dry, but rotisserie chicken spins around in the oven soaking and cooking in its own juices that it generally comes out juicier than chicken prepared any other way. At Limon Rotisserie in particular, combined with the blend of Peruvian spices, it's a standout. The two sides and dipping sauces that come with it are a plus, and for a nicer restaurant scene, the price is surprisingly affordable.

Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon - Bodega Bistro, Tenderloin

I don't know how else to describe this orgasmic meat stack than to just say it is the shit. On yeah, and it's also topped with Foie Gras and drizzled with black truffle oil. Decadence. Oh yes.

Crab crab crab crab crab crab!

Roasted Crab - PPQ Dungeness Island, Outer Richmond
I feel like crab is difficult, because it is so much work for such a small amount of meat. But the meat, especially the roasted crab at PPQ, is soooo worth it. It is roasted in garlic and butter, and served piping hot. The restaurant even gives you your own bib and crab crackers, since they know that once the crab comes, you'll need to tear into that crab like... a hungry man tears into crab? I don't know...

Won Ton Soup with Hand Pulled Noodles - Shan Dong, Oakland Chinatown
The broth is perfect, creamy and smooth. The won tons are never overcooked, ensuring a tough skin and juicy filling. The noodles are some of the best in the Bay Area, I think. Thick, chewy, Q, and satisfying. Slurp.

Burrata Plate - Uva Enoteca, Lower Haight
The burrata plate at Uva Enoteca often changes, but I've loved every incarnation of it I've had. I think they order the burrata from a place down in Los Angeles. No matter the origin, it's amazing. The last time I was there, the creamy burrate cheese was paired with olive oil, herbs, and pomegranates. Seasonal and Spectacular.

Fried Chicken - Ad Hoc, Yountville CA
Anyone who knows me knows about this restaurant in some form or another. It's worth it. Soooo worth it. One bite of this fried chicken and I wondered why I'd never before tasted fried chicken as perfect as this. It's, in a word, perfect.

Sake-Glazed Grilled Black Cod - Minako Organic, Inner Mission
I couldn't believe what I was eating when I first placed this piece of fish into my mouth. The flavor profile was light yet spectacular, and the meat practically melted into a pool of sweet delight. I've had cod at other places and they never match the intensity and boldness of the version at Minako Organic.

Handmade Udon in a Curry Broth - Minako Organic, Inner Mission
You have to call in a day ahead to special order the handmade udon, and it's totally worth it. If you also call in and special order it in the curry broth, you will thank me forever. You're welcome.

Iced Latte - Blue Bottle Coffee Company, Hayes Valley

I drank this caffeinated beverage nearly every other day for three years when I lived in Hayes Valley, and every subsequent cup of coffee since has been disappointing.

That's it for a preliminary list. Don't worry, however. There will be more.

[most pics from yelp dot com]