Monday, September 29, 2008

Mommy! Daddy! I need help!

eddo: this whole bailout thing
you know what it reminds me of

S: im not paying too much attention

eddo: like wall street was a kid who played around too much
but always kind of got around it and never really got in trouble
until he like
REALLY got in trouble
all of a sudden hes like, oh shit i really really need some help now
so he turns to his parents as his last resort
who are now fed up with his shenanigans and the fact that his fuckups now mean their other kids are going to have to pay for this

one parent is like, fine, this is an emergency, we'll deal with it by throwing money at you but we really really need you to learn a lesson, so here are the terms of the deal

the other parent is like - if i dismiss you and let you off the hook now, how will you learn anything

and now here we are at a stalemate

eddo: thus ends my attempt at making every situation large or small sound like an episode of gossip girl

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