Monday, September 29, 2008

Mommy! Daddy! I need help!

eddo: this whole bailout thing
you know what it reminds me of

S: im not paying too much attention

eddo: like wall street was a kid who played around too much
but always kind of got around it and never really got in trouble
until he like
REALLY got in trouble
all of a sudden hes like, oh shit i really really need some help now
so he turns to his parents as his last resort
who are now fed up with his shenanigans and the fact that his fuckups now mean their other kids are going to have to pay for this

one parent is like, fine, this is an emergency, we'll deal with it by throwing money at you but we really really need you to learn a lesson, so here are the terms of the deal

the other parent is like - if i dismiss you and let you off the hook now, how will you learn anything

and now here we are at a stalemate

eddo: thus ends my attempt at making every situation large or small sound like an episode of gossip girl

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Help, I need help.

My friend left me this voicemail at 3 a.m. last Sunday, September 14. This is the awesome level of trainwreck-osity that I deal with on a regular basis (no judgment, sometimes my own!). It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When You're Alone and Life is Making You Lonely...

... you can always go... DOWNTOWN! I am totally waiting for a P Diddy or Eve or Missy Elliot type to sample Petula Clark into the hot new summer jam.

I love everything about this video. The dancers. Petula Clark's sauciness. Her flirtiness. Her attitude-filled snapping. LOVES IT.

Thanks to maw for the heads up!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ping Pong Table Cup Cakes!

It was my friend's birthday this Labor Day weekend (as it is wont to be every Labor Day weekend), and from nearly a month ago, she told me: I want to play ping pong on my birthday. She even considered having her birthday a) at her office (which would suck) or b) at Finnegan's in Cole Valley (since they have a ping pong table there) but nixed the idea. Instead she planned a barbecue on a lovely Sunday afternoon in a backyard of the always lovely Western Addition of San Francisco.

I had originally planned on making "cute" cupcakes for her on her birthday (I've never done anything of the sort, and since I'm diabetic, I never ever make cupcakes) so I hoped that it would be sufficiently both tasty and cute.

I decided to make a cup cake ping pong table. With the sage advice of cupcake mistress extraordinaire KinderCommando, I purchased a square Calphalon cupcake pan and thought about how to design this tasty table treat.

I finally decided on a table sized with 5 X 3 double stacked square carrot cake cupcakes with a handmade cream cheese and cinnamon frosting, paddles made out of toothpicks and Haribo black licorice wheels, a ping pong ball out of a tic tac, a ton of green sprinkles (the store did not have green frosting, but the green sprinkles came out really well), and the net made out of pushpins, two candles, and white mesh.

With my vision, The Millionizer, who was visiting me from the Santa C, assumed the role of lead cake stylist. In Project Runway terms, I was the designer, and she was the TreSemme Hair Salon, L'Oreal Make Up Room, and Bluefly accessory wall. Our finished product came out magnificently, and the birthday girl was all surprise and happiness when she saw our creation. The actual cake was delicious as well, and many compliments were sent to the chefs, who left full and happy.

Happy Birthday Sarah, we hoped you had as much fun eating it as we did creating it!