Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I still don't really understand the concept of AdWords (how the hell do I get paid to blog?!?!?) but I don't really think my blog has a market out there. Since I added Google Analytics to my blog, I've found that people find my blog while searching for the phrases "chez panisse chowhound", "blue bottle kyoto iced coffee", "crab scissors", "chinky princess", "how to look less chinky", "power ad m4w", "e in emo is for", "herra dating", "boiling eddo", "chinky american born chinese", and "chinky sweat".

However, my blog got a historic high of 13 visitors yesterday, so thank you very much anonymous readers!

Also, for the REALLY important news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEA ARTHUR!!!!!

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Maria said...

adwords is how google makes money. so if you're a company and you wanted to advertise on google you would go to adwords and buy keywords and different ads. what you would sign up for is adSENSE, which puts ads on your blog based on your content (like gmail) and you would get paid per click. different ads have different values (no one knows why some are more valuable than others, google won't release the algorithm) but basically the only way you make money off of it is if you get a *lot* (like, thousands of visitors a day) of traffic and a lot of pageviews, ie, a lot of clicks.