Thursday, September 13, 2007

missED connection!

Alright, since I am weary that craigslist will take away my missED connection (see, I will recreate it here for posterity's sake.

you got off bart at civic center station at 6pm - w4m - 26

Date: 2007-09-12, 11:14PM PDT

i knew who u were when i got on bart at 12th street oakland. i read all ur reviews on yelp all the time and i always told myself that if i saw u i would come up & say hi.

u got off bart at civic center. i was too shy to say hi and i regret it. you were talking to the girl behind u about muni and bart. i can't believe i didn't at least say hi.

if anyone else reads ur reviews, they will know who i'm talking about. ur the funniest guy on yelp. ur way taller than i thought u'd be. u love bacon and arby's. ur... chinese (altho u call urself something else). u went to berkeley. u love ur mom and ur sister. u always say ur fat but i don't think ur fat at all. and i think ur really cute. :^)

i was wearing jogging shorts and an ipod and i had a gym bag. did u see me?

if u ever read this, please email me. we can have an irish car bomb together.

for how this story ends, see here: